Content. Content. Content.

They may be clichés, but they’re also true:

  • Content is king
  • You have to feed the beast

The latest and greatest technology won’t cover for a system that features boring, badly produced or run-of-the-mill content. The most effective digital signage systems feature high quality, creative and engaging content that always fresh and informative.

Short Bites Media realizes that creating that type of content on a consistent basis can be expensive. That’s why we created our content packages.

Spend your limited dollars producing customized product and brand segments. Then add our affordable general information content – such as Consumer Tips, Green Tips, Travel Tips and Fun Facts – to fill in and complement your digital signage playlist.

Creative and Format Options

We recognize that digital signage environments are many and varied. That’s why we designed this content with flexibility in terms of length and audio options.

The Consumer Tip, Green Tip and Travel Tip packages come with both 30 second and 15 second versions of each tip. And you can select a package with a voiceover and music bed or just music. Animated text supports the informational content so the segments work in both audio and non-audio environments.

Experienced Producers

At Short Bites Media, our experience is in digital signage content production. It’s not a sideline. Developing short-format content for digital signage networks and other media platforms is our business and it’s what we do best.

That experience means we understand the use of contrast, color, size and movement for maximum effect. But, more importantly, we understand that just because it’s moving or is brightly colored with large text doesn’t guarantee the content is effective.

Our Production Philosophy

Short Bites Media combines high quality video, animation and relevant messages to create our digital signage content.

Creating short-format segments is a special skill. Cram too much information into a segment and you overwhelm the viewer. Not enough information and the viewer may miss the message entirely.

We know how to write and design for maximum effect – capturing a viewer’s attention and delivering the right amount of information. We like another cliché: Always leave them wanting more.

Proven Success

Short Bites Media was founded specifically to provide content for digital signage networks and other short format platforms. The creative team includes award winning media producers with 20+ years experience in communications and marketing. That experience includes builing one of the financial industry’s largest digital signage networks and employing end-user research and sales data to both develop content and design playlists that draw in and influence viewers.  The team understands the business from both sides as  content users and a content providers.  The Short Bites Media creative team has always been ahead of the curve, designing attention-grabbing, effective and affordable content.

‘No Excuses’ Customer Service

If you’re not satisfied with our content, we’re not satisfied. We’re convinced we offer a unique and valuable service. We think you’ll agree. However, if for any reason you’re not happy when you purchase our content, we’ll refund your money.

We also understand fast turnaround is critical to maintaining an effective network. If there’s ever a technical issue with the content we provide, we’ll get replacement content to you ASAP.

Content from Short Bites Media is long on quality, visual appeal and value. It’s how we help you feed the beast.

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