1. What is digital signage?

Digital signage consists of electronic displays or screens (such as LCD, LED, plasma or projection) to deliver entertainment, information and/or advertisement in public or private spaces, outside of home.

Digital signage goes by many names; digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, digital communications networks, place-based media, digital merchandising and more.

The advantage of digital signage over traditional static signs is the content can be customized and targeted to specific locations and audiences and updated almost instantly. Content can be presented as dynamic animation and graphics as well as full motion video and sound.

2. Why is it important to update content on a digital signage network?

Engaging, visually-interesting content is the most important component in an effective digital signage system. The challenge is keeping the content updated and fresh. Viewers won’t respond favorably to stale content.

Many organizations make a significant investment in software and deploying the technology. What many of these systems fail to recognize is that it’s attention-grabbing, relevant content – updated on a consistent and frequent basis – that delivers results.

3. Why should I choose Short Bites Media for general information, short-format content?

We provide creative, engaging, dynamic and affordable content for digital signage systems. Our value-added content helps your organization increase sales, develop your brand and strengthen customer loyalty.

4. What topics are available now?

• Green Tips Volumes 1 and 2
• Travel Tips – National Parks Volumes 1 and 2
• Fun Facts

5. What other topics are planned?

• Consumer Tips
• Green Tips for the Business Place
• Healthy Living Tips

If you have suggestions for additional topics you’d like to see, contact us.

6. Can I buy individual segments rather than the package?

Not at this time. We believe the way to make our segments affordable is to offer them as a package. Each video-based package (Green Tips and Travel Tips) contains 10 unique tips in both 30 second and 15 second versions, for a total of 20 tips.  The graphic-based Fun Facts package contains 10 unique tips that are all 15 seconds.  Providing the tips as a package provides a great value.

7. What formats are available?

All segments are produced 16×9 and are available in HD. Formats available include: H.264, WMV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and more. Don’t see the format you need? Contact us.

8. Do you guarantee your products?

Short Bites Media offers a No Excuses product guarantee. We believe you’ll agree we offer a unique and valuable service. However, if for any reason you’re not happy when you purchase our content, we’ll refund your money. If you’re not satisfied with our content, we’re not satisfied.

We also understand fast turnaround is critical to maintaining an effective network. If there’s ever a technical issue with the content we provide, we’ll get replacement content to you ASAP.

9. What is the licensing agreement for the Short Bites Media segments?

We offer a two-year license for virtually unlimited use. You may run the Short Bites segments as often as you like, on an unlimited number of screens in your digital signage system over the two-year period.

However, the segments and the elements within our segments cannot be sold as a stock element or part of any other content library or collection. The license covers one digital signage system and may not be shared with any other company or affiliate systems.

This license does not cover broadcast, public or cable TV. Uses beyond digital signage systems and other closed system non-broadcast venues may be negotiated.

10. Are the Short Bites Media segments affordable?

We’ve surveyed the marketplace. We have not found any products, comparably priced, that match the production quality of our segments. When you purchase Short Bites Media content segments, you get the highest quality at a reasonable price.

11. How do I pay for the package?

You may order and pay for your package on the Short Bites Media Web site with any major credit card. We use PayPal’s payment system to ensure your transactions are safe and secure. If you need to create a purchase order or make other payment arrangements, please call or e-mail us. We’ll be happy to work with you.

12. Is it easy to order the content segments?

Yes, it is simple and fast to order Short Bites Media segments. You can order directly from the Web site. Your transactions are safe and secure.

13. How do you deliver the content segments and how fast can I get them?

Once we know which segment format you prefer, we output your choice onto your specified delivery media – a data DVD or on a flash drive. You tell us what works best for you. We then package and ship standard ground. You should receive your order approximately one week from the time we receive your completed, approved online order.

14. What kind of guarantee comes with the Short Bites packages?

We’re sure you’ll be happy with our Short Bites Media segments, but if there are any problems, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. You may even preview any of the segments on our Web site before you make a purchase.

15. Can I have the segments customized?

Call us and we can discuss your specific needs and give you a cost for customization.

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