What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is the use of electronic displays or screens (such as LCD, LED, plasma or projection) to deliver entertainment, information, advertisement or other messages in public or private spaces.

Digital signage goes by many names; digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, digital communications networks, place-based media, digital merchandising and more.

The advantage of digital signage over traditional static signs is the content can be customized and targeted to specific locations and audiences and updated almost instantly. Content can be presented as dynamic animation and graphics as well as full motion video and sound.

Where are Digital Signs Found?

A diverse group of companies and organizations are deploying digital signage systems to display customized and dynamic messages to their customers, prospects and employees.

A system provides a unique opportunity to reach a relatively captive audience at the point-of-decision (within the store), point-of-purchase (at the register) or point-of-wait location with targeted brand, product and service information.

Digital signage can be found in:

  • Bank branches
  • Doctor and other healthcare offices
  • Fitness facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Gas stations
  • Transportation waiting areas
  • Auto dealerships and service areas
  • Schools and libraries

Digital signage systems are often located in venues filled with distractions. To be effective, the screen content has to be eye-catching … and eye-holding.

How Can Digital Signage Help a Company or Organization?

Increased sales, customer loyalty, brand building, information sharing… the goals and results of effective digital signage systems can be as diverse as the companies and organizations deploying the systems. In the retail arena, there are some compelling stories. A study by Platt Retail Institute reported that digital signage messages were recalled by 31% of shoppers and produced a sales increase of 10%.

Beyond the sales opportunity, digital signage can also promote an organization’s brand, image and core values. Carefully crafted messages and the right balance between sales and value-added information can build help trust between an organization and its customer base.

That means more than displaying just ‘pretty pictures’ or ‘eye candy.’ It means creating a positive customer experience.

What’s the Most Important Component in a Digital Signage System?

Many organizations make a significant investment in the technology and its deployment. What many deployers sometimes fail to recognize is that it takes engaging, relevant content – updated on a consistent and frequent basis – to deliver results.

This is where Short Bites Media can help. Our value-added content can help your organization increase sales, develop your brand and strengthen customer loyalty.

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